Yennefer of Vengerberg inspired perfume (Bold or Soft, Lilac & Gooseberries)

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YENNEFER OF VENGERBERG (BOLD) --------------------------------------------
This bold floral fragrance is inspired by Yennefer of Vengerberg's signature scent, Glamarye.

Fragrance: Decadent notes of boldly fragrant purple lilac and the sweet acidity of gooseberries are enhanced with the smooth caress of black suede, warm base notes of amber & cedar, and soft notes of sandalwood creating a fragrance that is reminiscent of not only a sly temptress, but of a powerful sorceress who’s presence lingers in the memory long after she’s gone.

Key notes: Purple Lilac, Gooseberries, Black Suede, Ancient Woods

YENNEFER OF VENGERBERG (SOFT) --------------------------------------------
This soft floral fragrance is inspired by softer notes of Yennefer’s signature scent.

Fragrance: Soft, feminine notes of delicate sweet white lilac give off a powdery aroma of softness that is framed by just a hint of the tartness if gooseberries. This fragrance is pure lilacs sweet, gooseberries tart and guaranteed to draw a certain Witcher in closer.

Key notes: White Lilac, Gooseberries

These fragrances are Feminine.


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