Himalayan Salt Diffuser

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Chunks of rough Himalayan salt are used to create a naturally beautiful diffuser for your favorite fragrances. Simply pour your fragrance over your salt for a subtle fragrance to keep in your office, by your bed, at your laptop, etc. For a bolder fragrance, place tin on a warmer or over a tealight candle like an oil diffuser. 

These are especially great if you found a fragrance you love that does not agree with your skin chemistry but still want to experience it. 

All you need is 5-10 drops of the oil to diffuse onto the salt and let the aroma do it's magic. Fragrance will bottled separately for your personal use with your diffuser. You can also add the salt chunks to your bath for a sole soak in your favorite fragrance.


Note: Keep away from pets and children. Excessive salt consumption can cause illness/death in pets and fragrances should never be consumed. Fragrance elements for diffusers should never be applied directly to your skin or body. Adding to bath water is perfectly fine. 


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