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Master Fragrance Catalog

Wayward Son Collection

  • Baby - Soft leather, In-laid wood, Steel, Oil, Road tar, Gasoline, Exhaust.
  • Demons Blood - Tobacco flower, Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, Blackberry Merlot, Bergamot, Smoke, Suede, Incense, Bourbon, Burnt resin, Black vines
  • It's Funnier in Enochian - Bergamot, Soft cotton, White amber, Orange blossom, Vanilla, Black pepper, Grapefruit, Pale vetiver, Oakmoss, Warm woods
  • Posse Magnet - Leather chaps, Bergamot, Amber, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Mandarin
  • The Devil You Know - Heat, Pale vetiver, Clove, Licorice, Wool, Soft leather, Warm florals, Saffron, Cedar, Fig.
  • Vampirates  - Tuscan Blood Orange, Dragon's Blood, Ocean water, Salty sea air, Myrrh. 
  • Wayward Son - Flannel, Sandalwood, Bourbon, Dark Leather, Cashmere, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Myrrh, Musk 

Halloween 2021 Collection 

  • BLACK BACCARA ROSE - Black Rose, Black pepper, Tuscan Blood Orange, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Black Amber Musk, Clove.  
  • BLACK VELVET - Devil’s food cake, Buttercream Icing, Brown sugar, Orange blossom oil  
  • BURNING LEAVES - dried fall leaves, charred woods, smoked sandalwood, toasted pecan, smoky vanilla, birch leaf, cinnamon leaf, citrus, heliotrope, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, and chrysanthemum.  
  • DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - Black Chamomile, Hint of Marigolds, Cocoa, Lime, Amber, Sugar. 
  • HECATE - coconut milk, nightshade, bergamot, white pumpkin, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, lilac, tonka bean, tobacco leaf, cypress, cedarwood, musk
  • LA PETITE MORT - Golden honey, Manuka, Spiced honey, French vanilla, Sweet cream, Sun-ripened raspberry, Tonka bean 


        MACABRE & NOIR:

        • Annabel Lee - English roses, Rose stems, Peony, Ocean mist, Lavender, Hyacinth, Seaweed, Fern, Pine, Damp wood, Stone sepulcher
        • Black Cat Creamy Cashmere, Soft Black Leather, Brushed Suede, Black Amber, Myrrh, Ancient woods, Moss, White Birch, Clove, Pink Peppercorn, Frankincense, Texas Cedar Wood, Black vanilla
        • Black PhillipWarm goat's milk, Cloves, Black Chamomile, Aged Honey, Vetiver, Black Cashmere, Aged Black Leather  
        • Black Like My Soul - Black Gunpowder Tea, Bourbon, Burned Sugar, Toasted Marshmallows, Cashmere
        • Black Widow's Kiss - Ripe plum, Black amber, Sweet resin, Peony, Patchouli, Jasmine, Cotton candy
        • Bloody Kisses - Blood Orange, Patchouli, Anise, Cherry Tobacco, Orange Blossom, Black Amber, Lavender, Dark fruit, Honey, Vanilla
        • Carmilla  Sensual Cashmere, Pink Peony, Black leather, Brushed Suede, Amber, Myrrh, Ancient woods, Vanilla
        • Cauldron Blackberry, Black Plum, Sugar, Black Tea, Mahogany, Clove, Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon, Allspice. Applewood, Tonka bean, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Leather, Amber, Patchouli, Dark Resin, Black Vines, Smoke
        • Countess Bathory - Plum, Jasmine, Dark patchouli, Whipped cream, Honey, Leather, Rosewood
        • Coven - black tea, cardamom, osmanthus, red pomegranate, frankincense, myrrh, rosewood, tobacco, old tomes
        • Dangerous Liaisons - Creamy caramel, Sweet Cream, Vanilla, Kentucky Bourbon
        • Dorian Gray - Gray Vetiver, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg, Pimento, Oak Moss, Sage, Earl Grey Tea
        • Embalming Fluid - Green tea, White tea, French lime, Eucalyptus, Mint, White floral, Fern
        • Ghost Kitty Espresso, Creme de cocoa, Creme de banana, Bailey's Irish Creme, Whipped Cream, Nutmeg, White Birch, Coconut Milk, Coconut Husk, White Cashmere, White Amber
        • Grimalkin (limited supplies)- Black Cashmere, Amber, Patchouli, Ancient Woods, Vetiver, Black Rose, Black Vanilla, Clove, Frankincense, Myrrh, Black resins, Texas Cedar Wood, Chai Tea Spice, Black Suede
        • Grimoire - Ink, Paper vanillin, White birch, Black amber, Linen, Leather, Smoke, Sweet fig
        • Grim Reaper - Black orchids, black truffle, lotus, black currant, balsam, vetiver, dark ozone, black amber, labdanum, lavender
        • HexenToasted Marshmallow, Cashmere, Black Rose, Texas Cedar, Patchouli, Orange Zest, Cinnamon Leaf
        • Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Puree, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Butter, Caramelized Sugar, Clove, Creme Brulee
        • I Smell Children - Spiced Apples, Bourbon, Sweet Cream, Sweet Potato, Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, Sugared Dough, Honey, Vanilla, Butter, Black Pepper. 
        • Kelpie - Black Sea Salt, Kelp, Mist, Murky Loch Water, Water Lily, Ferns, Moss, Damp Earth, Tonka Bean
        • Lips Like Morphine - Rose, Cinnamon, Black amber, Vanilla, Oriental amber, Patchouli, Lavender, Sugar, Bergamot, Mandarin
        • Mina - Forget-me-not flowers, Violets, English rose, Ivy, Oud wood
        • Memento Mori - Lily, Tuberose, Forget-Me-Nots, Rain, Amber, Incense
        • Nachtmahr - Bonfire smoke, Black Cashmere, Black Resin, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Amber, Rose, Mandarin, Saffron, Tobacco, White Pepper, Cedar, White Chocolate Truffle
        • Nevermore - rich luxurious pumpkin, dark oud wood, cinnamon bark, clove, black tea, cannabis, patchouli, jasmine, toasted marshmallow
        • Queen of the Damned - Amber, Dragon’s Blood, Myrrh, Patchouli, Dried flowers, Jasmine, Embalming herbs
        • Ravenous - Frost, Snow, Ozone, Birch, Cypress, Fir Needles, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Black Salt, Black Pepper, Charcoal, Sweet Milk, Blue Musk, Vetiver, Nag Champa, Mahogany, Narcissus blooms
        • Salem - Fire and brimstone, clove, black amber, black vines, sweet resin, old stones, damp earth
        • Samhain - Pumpkin pie spice, Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, Bourbon, Bonfire, Black leather
        • Siren Song - Salt Water Spray, Sea Salt, Dahlia, Lychee Fruit, Sand, Driftwood, Kelp, Dark Ocean Water, Regret
        • The Empty Grave - fresh dirt, wet grass, oak moss, weeping willow, rosewood coffin, pink lilac, rose, ylang, sweet decay
        • The Raven - Fall spices, Smoky amber, Earl Grey tea, Haunted woods, Black Licorice, Labdanum
        • Voodoo - bay leaf, rum, whiskey, coffee, tobacco, black vanilla, vetiver, leather, dirt, coriander, sage
        • WidowmakerMirabelle plums, dark ripe fruit, black vanilla, gunpowder, black suede, hint of cotton candy


        • Amaranthine - Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Rice Milk, Jasmine Milk, Tonka, Labdanum
        • AeviternitasRose, Peony, Wild Rose, Plum Blossom, Oriental Musk, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Labdanum
        • Anastasis - Lotus, Bamboo, Orchid, Rice Milk, Jasmine Milk, Coconut Milk, Labdanum
        • Eterne - Magnolia, Flame Mimosa, Wild Rose, Oriental Musk, Labdanum
        • Immortalitas - Red Hibiscus, Peach Bellini, Mandarin, Tahitian Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Labdanum
        • Venustas Aeturnas - Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Fig, Pink Peppercorn, Tonka, Labdanum


        • Beguile - Stout beer, Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramel, Toasted Coconut
        • Bewitch - Blackberry Cheesecake, Buttered Pecan Crust
        • Charmed - Fresh Strawberry, White Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, Black Vanilla, Sugar
        • Enchant - Mocha cupcake, White Chocolate, Espresso Buttercream Icing, Cinnamon, Sugar
        • Entrance - Blackberry Sangria, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Sugar
        • Mesmerize - Blueberry, White Tea, Vanilla Bean, Black Plum, Black Vanilla, Sugar
        • Spellbind - Blackberry, Chocolate cake, Buttercream Icing, White Chocolate, Cream
        • Sugar Sugar - White Sugar, Aged Vanilla, Confectioner's sugar, Vanilla extract
        • Tempest - Dragon fruit, Lychee, Dahlia, Black Vanilla, Creamy Vanilla


        • Coquette -Meyer lemon, Freesia, Coconut milk, Tahitian vanilla, Cream, Shortbread, Honey
        • Courtesan - Coconut macaroon, Espresso, Confectioner’s sugar, Crem Brûlée, Vanilla
        • Demimondaine - Pistachio pudding, Coconut cream, Sugar cane, Coconut milk, Vanilla, White musk, Orchid
        • Fille de joie - White peach, Hibiscus, Tahitian vanilla, Marshmallow cream, Sugar, Shortbread
        • Harlot - Banana flambé, Coconut rum, Banana liqueur, Caramel, Amaretto)
        • Inamorata - Chocolate, Hazelnut, sweet cream, Shortbread, Dark cocoa
        • Jezebel - Coconut macaroon, Coconut rum, Rose, Cardamom, Confectioners Vanilla 
        • Lolita -Orange creamsicle, Sweet cream, Vanilla bean, Caramel, Black Jasmine
        • Maîtresse-en-titre - Pistachio, Macaroon, Double vanilla cream, Blush peony
        • Minx - Violet, Macaroon, Coconut, Wisteria, Lilac, Vanilla
        • Odalisque - White chocolate, Maple glazed pecan, Amaretto, Black rose, Orange zest, Cinnamon leaf, Double vanilla
        • Paramour - Sugared strawberries, Whipped cream, Sugar cookie, Marshmallow, Magnolia
        • Vamp - Bourbon, Scotch, Aged vanilla, Tobacco, Dark cocoa, Coffee, Rum, Patchouli, Labdanum, Amber, Woods accord

        THE WITCHER:

        • Cirilla - Water lily, Smoky vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Dogwood, Ginger blossoms
        • Calonetta Golden honey, Orange blossom, Strawberry, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vetiver, Pomegranate, White floral musk
        • Francesca Findabair - White rose, White amber, Pink amber, Golden amber, Sandalwood, Aged vanilla, Mint, Hint of white jasmine
        • Fringilla - Flame mimosa, Icy blue musk, White charcoal, Narcissus, Charred sandalwood. 
        • Iorveth Vetiver, Cardamom, Dragons Blood, Nag Champa, Oud wood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Bitter chocolate, French Lavender, Anise seed, Clove, Calabrian Bergamot, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Amber
        • Lady Duchess - Jasmine, Orange blossom, Violet, Benzoin, Vanilla, Amber, Precious Woods
        • Regis - Anise, Wormwood, Patchouli, Coriander, Spiced black tea, Blue Chamomile
        • Tissaia de Vries - French lilac, French Vanilla, Pear, Amber, Lily. 
        • Triss Merigold SPICE - Honeycrisp apples, Apple blossoms, Caramel, Fall Spices, Honey
        • Triss Merigold FLORAL - Blushed Peony, Golden Amber, Vanilla, White Woods, Coconut, Lily, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Sandalwood, Grapefruit.
        • Vesemir - Oakmoss, Soft Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, White Oak, Birch, White Charcoal, Tobacco
        • Yennefer of Vengerberg BOLD - Lush purple Lilac, Gooseberries, Black Suede, Ancient Woods
        • Yennefer of Vengerberg SOFT - Delicate white lilac, Light gooseberries
        • The Witcher - Cypress, Sage, Coriander, Dark stout ale, Leather, Amber, Patchouli, Dark Chocolate, Warm Citrus & Spice, Hint of floral and tobacco, Musk and cool metallic tones




        • Evenstar - French lavender, Lavandin, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Cocoa butter, Amber, Vetiver
        • Elvenking - Red autumn leaves, Red currants, Juniper berries, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Aspen, Vetiver, Warm florals, Bourbon vanilla
        • Legolas - Water mint, Ivy, Vetiver, Frangipani, Sandalwood, Amber, White musk

        The Lovers, The Dreamers 

        • HadesIcy cold musk, Black mist, Narcissus flower, Black Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vetiver, French Lavender, Anise Seed, Labdanum, Patchouli and Leather. 
        • Persephone - Pomegranate, Red Currant, Celosia, Osmanthus, Black Orchid, Plum, Smoke vanilla, Amber, Rosewood, Truffle, Sweet resins

          DRAGON AGE:

          • A Murder of Crows (Zevran) - Satsuma, Leather, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Rose, Jasmine, Musk
          • Amatus (Dorian) - Creamy coconut milk, Lavender, Cinnamon, Oud wood, Jasmine, Bergamot
          • Andraste's Grace - White pumpkin, Lily, Lilac, Eucalyptus, Mint
          • Commander (Cullen) - Sage, Basil, Leather, Mahogany, Teak, Lavender, Coconut Milk, Mint
          • Dread Wolf (Solas) - Dark chocolate, Black tea, Smoke, Moss, White flowers, Absinthe, Dark woods
          • Fen'Harel (Solas) - Chocolate, Amber, Cinnamon, Clove, Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Leather, Ginger, Dogwood blossoms
          • First Knight (Alistair) - Creamy caramel, marshmallow, vanilla, sandalwood, white rose
          • Flemeth - Dragon’s Blood, Rose Absolute, Plum, Dark Patchouli, Myrrh, Coriander, Jasmine, 
          • Frilly Little Cakes (Solas) - Candied strawberries, Champagne, Buttercream icing, Cream, , Lemon cream
          • Hierophant (Solas) - Crisp green floral, leafy ferns, misty ocean air, Soft woods, Amber
          • Krem Brulee (Krem) - Creme Brulee, Burnt sugar, Vanilla, Oak
          • Lyrium Ghost (Fenris) - Cool blue musk, Mint, Gardenia, White Wine, Fresh Rain
          • Nightingale (Leliana) - Smoky woods, Vanilla tobacco, Leather, Green melon, Dark floral
          • Red Jenny (Sera) - Black cherry, Honey, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Satsuma
          • Solas - Black tea, Smoke, Cedar Wood, Rich Chocolate, Warm spices, Golden Green notes
          • Solavellan (Solas) - Chocolate, Coconut milk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Lavender, Herbs
          • Spirit (Cole) - Green musk, Lime, Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary, Amber, Oak moss, Coppery minerals, Lemongrass
          • Storyteller (Varric) - Vintage red wine, Honey Ale, Old Library books, Smoke, Mahogany
          • Tal-Vashoth (Iron Bull) - Dragons blood, Sandalwood, Coconut, Blood orange, Lime verbena
          • The Wayward Prince (Sebastian) - Amber, Incense, Leather, Mahogany, Vetiver, Aged vanilla, Saffron
          • Trespasser (Solas) - Smoky vanilla musk, Spiced amber, Tonka bean, Dark chocolate, Black jasmine, Worn leather, Smoke
          • Wicked Grace (Josephine) - White rose, Peach, Grapefruit, Black tea, Lily
          • Witch of the Wilds (Morrigan) - Black Amber, Raspberry, Honey, Lavender, Licorice, Oud

          MASS EFFECT:

          • Archangel (Garrus) - Blue steel, Icy musk, Leather, Black pepper, Coal, Gunpowder, Sandalwood
          • Charlatan (Reyes) - Toasted Marshmallow cream, Back coconut. Black Suede, Gunpowder
          • Jaal Ama Darav - Water lily, Tropical Waterfalls, Sugary Dark fruit, Orchid, Pink Amber, Grapefruit, Lily 


          • Ah, F*ck M e - Wild Honeysuckle, Watermelon Lemonade
          • Aww, Bless Your Heart - Fresh Srawberry, Gardenia, Fresh Lemonade
          • B!tch, Please! - Peach Blossoms,  Orangesicle  push-up pop, Fresh Lemonade
          • F*ck This Sh!t - Coconut shavings, Lavender, Fresh Lemonade
          • Well, Sh!t - Polynesian Hibiscus Petals, Watermelon Lemonade
          • What Fresh Hell Is This?! - Red Raspberries, Yellow Rose Petals, Fresh Lemonade
          •  Zero F*cks Given - Juicy Honeycrisp Apple, Fresh Lemonade


          • Winter Soldier - Icy blue musk, Dark ozone, Industrial notes of charred coal and machinery, Black gun powder, Black Amber