Winter Soldier (Frozen musk, Steel, Dark ozone, Gunpowder, Industrial, Black leather)

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Originally created as a custom fragrance, the Winter Soldier fragrance was requested to be masculine, unsettling, possessing duality with icy cool notes turning into warm notes, and fitting for the character. The character was used as inspiration to create an unusual fragrance that blends man and machine, both alluring and feral, keeping a traditionally masculine undertone.

Fragrance - Cryogenic ice swirling with cool, dark notes of deep water like a frozen river, quickly thaws into warm notes of black leather and vintage machinery. Industrial notes of the melding of man and machine are reminiscent of hitching a ride on a vintage motorcycle with a bad boy, arms wrapped around his worn leather jacket, the sharp smell of exhaust mixing with his natural, masculine smell and cool air. Winter soldier is sharp, metallic, icy then warm, familiar and unsettling.

Key notes - Icy blue musk, Dark ozone, Industrial notes of charred coal and machinery, Black gun powder, Black Amber

This fragrance is Masculine


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