Minx perfume (Violet, Macaroon, Coconut, Wisteria, Lilac, Vanilla)

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“Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.” ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


There were many names given to women in the past, who by need or desire, expressed their sexuality in ancient professions or illicit affairs. Once used as labels to define a woman’s sexuality, its time to reclaim the labels given to women because their sexuality was deemed “dangerous” and a thing to be feared. 

"Minx" - a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit others 

Fragrance - Notes of violet and macaroon dominate this fragrance, a mixture of soft and sweet, very sophisticated without being girlish. Soft notes of wisteria, blooming lilac, and creamy coconut are swirled with a rich, aged vanilla to create a fragrance that is very feminine and alluring with just the right amount of sweetness balanced with lovely florals. 

Key Notes - Violet, Macaroon, Coconut, Wisteria, Lilac, Vanilla

This fragrance is Feminine


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