Andraste's Grace / Dragon Age (white pumpkin, lily, lilac, eucalyptus, mint)

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*Limited Edition - one time run only*

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Andraste’s Grace, a flower found in Ferelden that is the symbol of the goddess Andraste. Andraste is the prophetess whose teachings later served as the foundation for the formation of the Chantry, which later becomes the dominant religion of Thedas. She was the spiritual wife of the Maker, the being whom the Chantry worships. Andraste’s Grace is a robust lily with a sweet fragrance that lingers as a reminder of the Maker’s love for his people through Andraste’s sacrifice.

Fragrance - Robust white lily, haunting purple lilac, crisp eucalyptus, effervescent mint, and the warm sweetness of white pumpkin.

Key notes - white pumpkin, lily, lilac, eucalyptus, mint.

This fragrance is very feminine.

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