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BG3 Collection

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A collection of fragrances inspired by Baldur’s Gate 3 characters and their storylines. Many of these fragrances are canonical and others are left to interpretation. Can was adhered to as much as possible when available. 


Aeterna Amantes - The ascension of the vampire Astarion turns his love into obsession and eternal devotion. Aeterna Amantes…Lovers forever…is expressed in an androgynous fragrance that takes its inspiration from the original notes of The Pale Elf and enriches it with notes reminiscent of immortal love and desire. Bergamot and brandy are blended with golden notes of amber and warm, creamy sandalwood. A soothing chamomile and soft vanilla undercurrent cuts through the sensual spices of frankincense, myrrh, and black pepper. Dark green cypress trees and deep mahogany notes add a masculine touch while fragrance night orchids balance it out with a strong presence of femininity. 

Key notes - Bergamot, Brandy, Sandalwood, Amber, Night Orchid, Chamomile, Vanilla, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pepper, Cypress, Mahogany


Ascension - When the Pale Elf becomes a darker version of himself he becomes Ascended. The bergamot and rosemary are more subdued as carnal pleasures become amplified. A strong spiced brandy permeates the fragrance and is enriched with golden amber, smoking incense, and black pepper. An undercurrent of French lavender enhances the rosemary and is reminiscent of the herbs and flowers in bloom in the sun rather than hidden away in dank, dark basements. This is Astarion Ascended with all the power and worldly desires at his fingertips. 

Key Notes - Spiced Brandy, Bergamot, Rosemary, Lavender, Amber, Incense, Black Pepper


A Taste of the Hells - The Cambion Mizora may keep her pacts but she works in devilish ways when it comes to her propositions. Offering you a taste of the hells, she revels in a world full of pleasure and pain. Her voice is full of honey despite her sharp tongue. Dark purple dahlia’s and honey are spiced with pink peppercorn for a sweet yet spicy blend that is blended with mellow tonka bean and soft woods. Beneath the current of honey sweet florals is a subdued layer of smoke and flame that enriches the blend and elevates it a fragrance suitable for a she-devil. 

Key Notes - Honey, Dahlias, Pink Peppercorn, Tonka Bean, Soft Woods, Campfire smoke


The Pale Elf - Astarion may have missed his calling as a perfumer but I did not. Astarion notes that he has a whiff of the undead but he masks it with notes of bergamot, rosemary, and a fine well-aged brandy. Upon opening the bottle there is a hint of soft decay which is quickly covered with notes of bright green citrus of the bergamot and warm earthy astringent notes of rosemary. A decadent brandy composed from a dark red wine fermented in bourbon oak barrels over a number of years, is heady with notes of caramelization and a faint hint of cherry enveloped with warm oak barrels. As a warning, Astarion’s fragrance is deceptive in the bottle and needs a moment on the skin to breathe to show you what it truly is under the superficial surface much like it’s inspiration. 

Key Notes - Bergamot, Rosemary, Brandy 


Daughter of Darkness - Shadowheart is a dark and twisted mystery who possesses few memories but she knows that she loves Night orchids Uncovering the secrets of her past, she travels a path of danger, beauty, and intrigue. And a close inspection reveals that her clothing smells of clean lime soap. Beneath that is a current of darkest black amber, a touch of dark purple French Lavender, and wilted peonies. 

Key Notes - Black orchids, French Lime, Black Amber, Wilted Peony, French Lavender


Wizard of Waterdeep - Gale is whirlwind of enthusiasm and a fountain of knowledge even if he is overly smug about it. When he shares the weave with you the smell of rose water envelops you both, a soft whisper of rose and dewiness. Gale’s tent smells of old books and parchment, that lingering smell of paper vanillin, and wafting incense. Golden amber and sandalwood lend some depth and warmth and round out this fragrance and lend some softness and familiarity. 

Key Notes - Rosewater, Paper Vanillin, Incense, Amber, Sandalwood


Blade of the Frontiers - Wyll’s fragrance is left to interpretation to the player but it seemed more than fitting to adorn him the fragrance of sweet grass from the plains and and fiery brimstone from Avernus. A rich and smoky vanilla rounds out his fragrance along with a dash or purifying salt for a fragrance that is bold yet sensual and comforting.

Key Notes - Sweet grass, Brimstone, Dark Vanilla, Salt


Infernal Engine - Karlach’s heat is literally an infernal engine aflame and grinding to a halt. Dannon the blacksmith even notes that she smells of leaking oil. Once you finally get to hug her you can smell a deep red musk underlying notes of smokey oud wood, burning wood embers, hot steel, leaking oil, and charred sandalwood. A hint of smoked cherry and tonka bean hint at her inner sweetness underneath her burning hot heart. 

Key Notes - Red Musk, Smoked Oud Wood, Embers, Steel, Oil, Charred Sandalwood, Smoked Cherry, Tonka Bean


Oath of Vengeance - a fragrance inspired by the quixotic and dark hearted Minthara, drow paladin and companion, who falls under the spell of the Absolute and loses herself unless the spell is broken. A native of the Underdark, her fragrance is inspired by the dark floral Queen of the NIght along with delicate violets, lily of the valley, black peonies, and pale white jasmine. Embrace your inner confidence with our bold and alluring fragrance, featuring notes of dark mahogany, warm amber, and creamy sandalwood. This sophisticated blend of complex woods and dark florals is perfect for the woman who is empowered and comfortable in her own skin.

Key Notes - Queen of the Night, Violets, Lilia of the Valley, Peony, Jasmine, Mahogany, Amber, Sandalwood. 


Githyanki Warrior - Lae’zel’s fragrance is a shock to the senses and rich with complexity. Blood, copper, and steel mix with body musk for a for a visceral sensation of war and violence. Dragon’s blood, appropriate for a dragon rider, is swirled with heady incense and dark woods. There’s a certain type of spiciness that Lae’zel exudes and it is found in a deep undercurrent of her fragrance. Bold. Brash. Empowered. Not for the faint of heart. 

Key Notes - Blood, Steel, Copper, Dragons Blood, Incense, Musk, Dark Woods, Spicy musk


Nature’s Gifts - Astarion may laugh about Halsin enjoying nature’s gifts but this gentle giant Druid radiates with the warmth and the greenery of a forest in the sun. Oakmoss, ivy, and vines are crisp and fresh. Notes of warm cedar wood and soft sandalwood add a rich depth of woods that enhance the greenery and a beautiful complexity only found in a dense forest. Rounded river stones and a pinch of sage complete this woodland fragrance that is perfect for a romp in the woods with a…bear. No judgement here. 

Key Notes - Oakmoss, Ivy, Vines, Sandalwood, Cedar, Stone, Sage


Legendary Harper - Jaheira is a living legend and hero. As a Druid she is bound to the earth and all it’s beauty. She is adaptable and able to bend like the willow without breaking. Ivy leaves, rose stems, and hyacinth breathe fresh greenery into her fragrance with elder blossom buds and a burst of fresh bergamot. Delicate pink lilac and a hint of fresh ocean air that is reminiscent of her home land.  

Key Notes - Willow, Ivy, Rose stems, Elder flower, Hyacinth, Pink Lilac, Ocean air


The Devil You Know - Yurgir says Raphael, the Perfumed Trickster, smells of  cherries, musk and sulphur. Haarlep, the incubus in his boudoir, says he wears a mixture of palmarosa and black pepper. Raphael can wheel and deal some hard bargains but he smells mostly good while doing it. A dash of black pepper, some salt for cleansing, a hefty dose of palmarosa with it’s sweet and rose-like aroma, a deep cinnamon bark musk, and a hint of cherry is balanced with a deep rosewood and dark golden amber for an unforgettable experience. Because what is better than the devil you don’t know, why it’s the devil you know, of course!

Key Notes - Palmarosa, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Musk, Rosewood, Amber, Cherry, Salt


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