Wicked Grace / Dragon Age Josephine (White rose, Peach, Grapefruit, Black tea, Lily)

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"Never bet against an Antivan." ~ Josephine

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Dragon Age's Josephine. Bard, rogue, ambassador and advisor to the Inquisition, Josephine is the heart of the council. She is feminine and strong and can play "Wicked Grace" so well that more than one of her challengers has left the pub without their small clothes on.

Fragrance - She moves with elegance and grace, leaving behind her a trail of white roses and dark, black tea. Her Antivan roots shine with allusions to ripe golden peaches and bursting grapefruit citrus mixed with blooming lilies. Very feminine and bold.

Key notes - White rose, peach, grapefruit, black tea, lily

This fragrance is Feminine.

*Note* - these fragrances are multi-layered and they will bloom as you wear them, revealing hidden notes that are not immediately evident when you first open the bottle. Enjoy the adventure as your fragrance oil evolves with your own unique body chemistry.

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