Triss Merigold inspired perfume (Honeycrisp apples, Caramel, Spices/Peony, Amber, Vanilla)

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This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Triss Merigold of The Witcher book & game series.

TRISS MERIGOLD (SPICE)----------------------------------------------------------

Fragrance: Sweet honey crisp apples and sweet apple blossoms are swirled with creamy caramel and golden honey, creating a warm and sweet elixir kissed with a splash of citrus. A blend of the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and pink peppercorn evoke images of warm apple cider and candied apples. Merigold’s fragrance is sweet, spicy, and crisp – a welcome respite to the lonely Witcher after a long journey. 

Key notes: Honeycrisp apples, Apple blossoms, Caramel, Fall Spices, Honey


TRISS MERIGOLD (FLORAL)----------------------------------------------------------


Fragrance: Tender notes of blushed peony, an understated floral that is both sensual and dreamy, is kissed with notes of warm golden amber, creamy vanilla, and muted white woods to create a fragrance that is alluring, magical, and tempting, Delicate floral notes of stargazer lily, violet, a hint of rose, and a whisper of jasmine enhance the note of peony without stealing the attention away, and hidden notes of coconut and sandalwood add a creamy depth to the floral with just a bit of sweet grapefruit to balance the sweetness. Triss’ fragrance is a balance of sensual florals that draw you in with their come-hither subtlety and warm creamy notes that will keep you close. 

Key notes: Blushed Peony, Golden Amber, Vanilla, White Woods, Coconut, Lily, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Sandalwood, Grapefruit.

This fragrance is Feminine.


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