Paramour perfume (Sugared strawberries, Whipped cream, Sugar cookie, Marshmallow, Magnolia)

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“Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.” ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

There were many names given to women in the past, who by need or desire, expressed their sexuality in ancient professions or illicit affairs. Once used as labels to define a woman’s sexuality, its time to reclaim the labels given to women because their sexuality was deemed “dangerous” and a thing to be feared. 

"Paramour" - a lover, especially the illicit partner of a married person

Fragrance - The scent of freshly picked strawberries, sliced and sugared for pure sweetness, is enhanced with sugar cookies, decadent whipped cream, a hint of marshmallow and blooming magnolia flowers. This fragrance is delicious strawberry shortcake with a hint of magnolia for a more sophisticated presentation. It’s a bit like eating a rich dessert on the dais of a southern bistro under the magnolia trees. 

Key Notes - Sugared strawberries, Whipped cream, Sugar cookie, Marshmallow, Magnolia

This fragrance is Feminine

*Note* - these fragrances are multi-layered and they will bloom as you wear them, revealing hidden notes that are not immediately evident when you first open the bottle. Enjoy the adventure as your fragrance oil evolves with your own unique body chemistry.

Materials: jojoba oil,fragrance oils,botanicals,essential oils,fractionated coconut oil


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