Frilly Little Cakes / Dragon Age Solas (Sugar, Strawberry, Champagne, Buttercream, Sweet cream)

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“I do enjoy the frilly little cakes." ~ Solas

My custom blended fragrances are inspired by characters that I love and this one is inspired by the character Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition and his love for the frilly little cakes found in the markets of Val Royeaux. I suspect he’s quite a glutton for decadent desserts and ravishes them with abandon when he thinks no one is looking. One can only imagine how he would act if his vhenan smelled like frilly little cakes... :D

Scent - Sweet, fresh, candied strawberries soaked in champagne. Decadent buttercream icing. Cream cheese filling and subtle hints of lemon creme. Decadent and sweet, it will draw people in for more and leave you smelling completely edible.

This fragrance is feminine.


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