Solavellan Gift Set - a Dragon Age Solas inspired perfume gift collection

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This collection contains five individual fragrances inspired by Dragon Age's Solas. Individual scents include Solas, Fen'Harel, Dread Wolf, Trespasser, and Solavellan.

Walk the dinan'shiral with Solas and relive the experience of the Solavellan fandom, and the sweet agony, with these inspired perfume oils. Each fragrance tells a story and is intimately linked to each individual fragrance in the collection. Start with Solas, followed by Fen'Harel, Solavellan, Dread Wolf, and finally Trespasser to follow the story as told through notes that ties the whole experience together as a cohesive collection. 

You will receive 5 individual fragrances, specially packaged in a black gift box with special collection labeling and premium green linen drawstring bag for gift giving.

Dread Wolf - Dark chocolate, Black tea, Smoke, Moss, Ginger blossoms, Absinthe, Dogwood

Fen'Harel - Chocolate, Amber, Cinnamon, Clove, Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Leather, Ginger, Dogwood

Solas - Black tea, Smoke, Cedar Wood, Rich Chocolate, Warm spices, Fern, Golden Green notes

Solavellan - Chocolate, Coconut milk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Lavender, Herbs

Trespasser - Smoky vanilla musk, Spiced amber, Tonka bean, Dark chocolate, Black jasmine, Worn leather, Smoke


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