Persephone & Hades (pomegranate, red velvet flowers/icy musk, narcissus, earthy notes)

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Two distinctly different fragrances, Persephone’s and Hades’ fragrances blend beautifully together. The warm rich notes of Persephone’s pomegranate, red velvet flowers and sweet resins swirl and enrich the icy cool musk and earthiness of Hades’ enchanting, dark notes of black amber and narcissus flowers. Choose one, pair them with a friend or partner, or wear them together for a fragrance experience that sparks the imagination about the ancient myths of the two lovers. 

Persephone’s Fragrance - Beautiful rich red notes of juicy pomegranate, red currants, red velvet flowers of the celosia, and osmanthus herald the arrival of Persephone. Beneath the red notes, complex layers of black orchids, dried maple leaves, smoky vanilla, golden amber, ripe plum, and earthy truffle are combined with darker notes of sweet black resins and rosewood. This fragrance starts out with the strong note of Persephone’s symbol the pomegranate, slightly sweet and floral from the red velvet flowers, and then quickly begins to morph into a darker, denser, more complex and more resinous fragrance still kissed with pomegranate, befitting the Queen of the Underworld. 


Key notes  - Pomegranate, Red Currant, Celosia, Osmanthus, Black orchid, Plum, Smoked vanilla, Amber, Rosewood, Truffle, Sweet resins. 

Persephone’s fragrance is available in limited quantities in a special edition heart shaped pendant.  

Hades’ fragrance - Icy cold musk is at the heart of this fragrance, enhanced with cool, dark mist that swirls with rich black amber and anise to create a dark heart that is both cool and entrancing. Warm earthy notes of frankincense and myrrh, traditional herbs associated with the dead, are blended with Vetiver and French lavender to create a grounded balance to the icy coolness. Hints of leather, dark patchouli, and labdanum create a mysterious layer of notes that enrich the many layers composed in this fragrance. Hidden within this dark heart is the beautiful note of narcissus flowers, sweet and fragrant, this symbol of Hades is ever present while blending beautifully in the complex notes found within. 

Key notes - Icy cold musk, Black mist, Narcissus flower, Black Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vetiver, French Lavender, Anise Seed, Labdanum, Patchouli and Leather.


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