Venustas Aeturnas (Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Fig, Pink Peppercorn, Tonka, Labdanum)

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Amaranthine is rooted in the Greek words amarantos, meaning "immortal" or "unfading," and anthos, meaning "flower." The word amaranthine is used to describe anything possessing an undying quality or beauty. It is in emotionally dark and trying times that the soul seeks, and even demands, light and beauty, hope, and reassurance that the love we give and receive never dies. I created the Amaranthine collection as a panacea for the weary soul that seeks something delicate, ethereal, uplifting and beautiful even if fleeting. I hope I am able to send some good vibes your way in sharing it.  

Venustas Aeturnas (Immortal Beauty) - Creamy white magnolia blooms in the fading light of dusk, entwined with an heirloom rose, captivates the senses and lifts the mind to greater heights of calmness and serenity. Sweet honeysuckle nectar lingers in the air and swirls with rich notes of candied fig, creating a richness and a sense of comfort. Grounding elements of smooth tonka bean, rare warm pink peppercorn, and the smooth ambergris and honey tones of labdanum elevate this fragrance to a higher level than a mere floral accord and evokes feelings of quiet elegance and classic beauty. 

Key notes - Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Fig, Pink Peppercorn, Tonka, Labdanum

 *Floral notes are fleeting and elusive by nature. Apply on top of scent-free lotion or balm to make them last longer* 


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