Dread Wolf (Dark chocolate, Black tea, Smoke, Moss, Dark woods)

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This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Dragon Age's Solas and is one of a series that includes Solas, Fen'Harel, Trespasser, Hierophant, Frilly Little Cakes, and the Dread Wolf. Each scent ties to the other to tell a story but each is distinctly different.

Fragrance - Travel the Dinan’shiral with Fen’Harel as the Dread Wolf through dark, moss-covered mysterious woods and abandoned elven ruins. Traces of faded shrine offerings to the fallen Elven God of Rebellion, delicate white flowers and tobacco incense, lie beneath the tingling electrical tendrils of the fade that cling to his ethereal form. Rich notes of dark chocolate and whispers of smoke are reminders of the man he was and serve as stark reminders of better days and those he has left behind.

Key notes - Dark chocolate, Smoke, Tobacco, Green musk, Moss, Dark woods, White flowers

This fragrance is a bold Unisex, leaning towards masculine.


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