Grimoire (Ink, Paper vanillin, White birch, Black amber, Linen, Leather, Smoke, Sweet fig)

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This custom blended fragrance is inspired by the ancient books of shadows, those mysterious collections of spells, gathered to create the personal grimoires of those who walk a different path. 

Fragrance - Aged parchment and linen, with the vanillin smell of decaying paper, is wrapped in subtle notes or ancient leather, birch, and smoke. Blackest of ink, black amber, and a hint of sweet fig balance out the harsher notes, creating a fragrance that wafts in and out like a slow breath....soft then dark. 

Key notes - ink, paper vanillin, white birch, black amber, linen, leather, smoke, and a hint of sweet fig

This fragrance is Unisex

*Note* - these fragrances are multi-layered and they will bloom as you wear them, revealing hidden notes that are not immediately evident when you first open the bottle. Enjoy the adventure as your fragrance oil evolves with your own unique body chemistry.


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