Callonetta / Priscilla (Honey, Orange blossom, Strawberry, Frankincense, Myrrh, Vetiver, Pomegranate)

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This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Priscilla aka Callonetta - bard, poet, and songstress with honey sweet voice and golden hair - of the Witcher book & game series.

Fragrance: Warm, honey sweet notes with beautiful orange blossom and sparkling notes of sweetly fresh strawberries, cream, and a hint of juicy pomegranate are tempered with rich notes of frankincense, myrrh, amber and earthy vetiver. Delicate notes of vanilla and a subtle floral musk linger in the background, adding a soft sweetness that is subtle and wistful. Calonetta’s fragrance is warm and golden with a a sophisticated white floral and sweetness that is enriched with earthy notes for a fragrance that starts sweet with strawberry and drys to a warm ambery spiced scent. 

Key notes: Honey, Orange blossom, Strawberry, Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber, Vetiver, Pomegranate, Vanilla. 

 This fragrance leans to feminine. 


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