It's summer in Texas, which means everything is beyond hot and you scurry between air conditioner to air conditioner and only venture outside in the dark. Or is it just me? 

Summertime is always a challenge for me. I'm not a sunbather, don't use tanning oils, don't take tropical vacations, and I'm not much for mai-tai's, bikinis, and picnics. Being more of an introvert who prefers cool weather, I feel a bit out of place in the summertime in Texas. So, I'm going to focus my new creations on the parts of summertime that I enjoy the moist, which is fresh fruit and the desserts that only appear when these juicy, ripe, sweet elements are available in their prime. 

Blackberries are my absolute favorite berry, and I love stumbling across them in the wild. They're huge, black as night, and so juicy that they just burst in your mouth. I searched for the perfect blackberry fragrance and I finally found it, completely ecstatic when I opened the bottle, to find that it was exactly what I was looking for! Yum, so good! Blackberries were the inspiration for the new Gothess Gourmand collection released today. My favorites are Spellbind, Entrance, Sugar Sugar, and Tempest. Tempest is soooo good, I can't even find the words to describe it! lol

I hope you enjoy the new collection, drop me a note if you have future suggestions! Take care. 


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