Prices & Packaging woes

Lets talk about the nasty topic of pricing. The past 3 months I’ve been facing the ever mounting issue of rising product prices, especially in regards to packaging.

As many of you have seen, I’ve been testing out some different ways of packaging my perfumes, reducing the use of boxes, in order to lower costs without raising my prices or risking the lowering of my product quality. It’s a tough decision to alter packaging because part of buying an item is to experience that rush of opening your package!

In the end, I’m not satisfied with “cheapening” the look of my items or risking their safety during shipping. I am currently switching to using pillow boxes for added safety at a reduced cost of the jewelry boxes I previously used. Business cards are also receiving a downgrade to save cost. Many of the bubble wraps I use are 2nd hand from vendors I have bought from to reduce waste, and my tissue paper is 80% recycled.

The pricing problem is an issue I will be monitoring closely, in order to try to avoid price increases. Should a change need to be made, I ask please for your patience and forgiveness, as it is largely out of my hands. I am a one-person business and I cut as many costs as I can to bring you amazing scents at an affordable price, but this hill is becoming a mountain. I will never sacrifice the quality of my products or the quality that you expect when you receive them.

If you have questions, please ask them and tell me if you have thoughts on this matter. Thank you!

Take care,


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