Major Changes & Etsy

Siren Song Elixirs has always been, and always will be, a one woman business. I began my business on Etsy three years ago and much to my shock and amazement, my business grew and took off at an exponential speed! Etsy had a market that I flourished in and I was willing to do whatever it took to continue to flourish and grow and be successful. However, things change, and Etsy has changed much in the past year.

I try to keep my costs down as much as possible (I do my own taxes, printing, marketing, website design, order fulfillment, and perfume creation) while still being able to pay myself and pay my bills. Last year, due to changes with Etsy, I was forced to raise my rates not once, but twice, much to my dismay. I say this because I was terrified of alienating the loyal customers who have supported me over the years as well as new business. It was a decision I lost much sleep over. 

In the past year, Etsy has increased the transaction fees which I am charged for each sale as well requiring "free shipping" on orders if I still want to be considered a "top seller" and receive views from ads I am already paying for. "Free shipping" is never free and Etsy counseled sellers to raise prices to accommodate this requirement, sometimes taking away 50% of my profit on a transaction with shipping costs.Guess what this does to my customers? They end up paying for it in increased costs! 

Now, Etsy requires mandatory outside advertising for top sellers and I cannot opt out. I am required to pay this additional cost in the form of an additional 12% transaction fee on top of a 5% commission fee, 3% payment transaction fee, and free shipping. I find this unacceptable. As such, I will be transitioning away from Etsy and my website will be the sole home of my business. 

This is a scary venture, and not one that I take lightly. As I transition away from Etsy I will reevaluate pricing and products with the hopes of decreasing the cost to my customers. If you enjoy my fragrances, please tell your friends to find me here from now on as I would be appreciative of your support in this difficult time. 

Take care of yourselves and each other, 


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