The Wayward Prince / Dragon Age Sebastian (Amber, Incense, Leather, Mahogany, Vanilla, Saffron)

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“Who better serves the Maker: a brother of the faith, or a prince who can sway a whole city?”

Fragrance: Rich notes of amber and incense waft through the chantry, sending prayers to the heavens with their smoke. Rich mahogany and earthy vetiver give reassurance and the feeling of steadfastness in one’s faith and one’s self. The Prince of Vael is anointed in soft notes of musk, aged vanilla, saffron, and citrus peel beneath the layers of his knightly arraignment and handcrafted leather adornments. Notes of soft trailing musk with delicate florals hint at a heart that yearns for the pleasures of the flesh while keeping those desires in check. Masculine, roguish, romantic, and very royal, his presence will not go unnoticed.

Key notes: Amber, Incense, Leather, Mahogany, Vetiver, Aged vanilla, Saffron

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