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Black Baccara Rose

This rose isn’t your typically sweet tea rose; it’s an exotic blend of the deepest, darkest rose blended with decadent, earthy spices including black pepper, clove and vetiver. Sweet and fragrant Tuscan blood orange mixes rich citrus with mellow tonka bean and the resin of black amber to create a fragrant accord that blends beautifully with the rich earthiness of this bloom. 
Key notes - Black Rose, Black pepper, Tuscan Blood Orange, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Black Amber Musk, Clove. 


Black Velvet 

Moist, luscious devil’s food chocolate cake made with rich brown sugar is frosted in a thick layer of sweetened cream cheese icing. Fragrant orange blossom oil is infused into the mixture creating an experience for the senses that is elevated above mere chocolate cake,   
Key notes - Devil’s food cake, Buttercream Icing, Brown sugar, Orange blossom oil 


Burning leaves

The beautiful fall fragrance of dried, windblown leaves set ablaze at dusk, creating an amber glow of embers and the sweet aroma of smoke in the evening air. It's the indescribable scent that is the herald of fall. 
Key notes - dried fall leaves, charred woods, smoked sandalwood, toasted pecan, smoky vanilla, birch leaf, cinnamon leaf, citrus, heliotrope, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, and chrysanthemum. 



She possesses the allure of ancient mysteries, is powerful beyond measure, and reminiscent of a dark night under a clouded moon. This fragrance grabs ahold of you and announces your presence as one not to be forgotten. 
Key notes - coconut milk, nightshade, bergamot, white pumpkin, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, lilac, tonka bean, tobacco leaf, cypress, cedarwood, musk

La Petite Mort

“The Little Death”, a polite French euphemism, will bring heady pleasure in a single whiff. It's golden honeys, sweet spices, a kiss of ripe raspberry, and a blend of soft vanilla's that is oddly, and perfectly, androgynous. Darling, let’s die a little tonight. 
Key notes - Golden honey, Manuka, Spiced honey, French vanilla, Sweet cream, Sun-ripened raspberry, Tonka bean


Dia de los Muertos 

An homage to my Hispanic heritage, a hint of marigolds laid upon a bed of black chamomile creates an aura of calm reverence. Cocoa, a nod to traditional mole, and spun sugar for Sugar skulls is blended into the mix adding a gourmand element to the herbal florals. A twist of lime and a dash of dark amber add traditional notes that enhance the base fragrance and take it to a whole new level while remaining true to it's inspiration. 
Key notes - Black Chamomile, Hint of Marigolds, Cocoa, Lime, Amber, Sugar. 


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